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Chiropractic and the Treatment of Diabetes

Chiropractic treatment combined with a nutritional and exercise program can help negate the effects of adult on-set diabetes, better known as Type II Diabetes.

In a study on how vertebral subluxations play a role in a person’s overall health, found that diabetic patient, who combined spinal adjustments with proper nutrition and exercise, had stable glucose levels merely one month into the program.

Chiropractic could offer a significant contribution to alleviating the symptoms of diabetes, as well as positively contributing to the quality of life of diabetes patients. The theory is that, as chiropractic care treats the spine, which is the gateway between the nervous system and the internal organs, correcting the subluxations assists in mediating blood sugar and glucose. There is a relationship between the nervous system and pancreatic function.

As more and more people are diagnosed with diabetes in their adulthood, Chiropractic can help with the secondary syndromes associated with diabetes such as vascular, neurological and stress – all of which play important factors in a patient’s quality of life.