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Naturopathic Treatment

Naturopathy is a system of treatments that relies on natural remedies, such as sunlight, air, and water, supplemented with diet and natural therapies. Naturopaths believe that the body, in a healthy environment, repairs itself and recovers from illness spontaneously.

We offer remedies and recommendations for creating a healthy environment for the body. Through the use of herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, and dietary advice, our team promotes the natural healing of your body and mind.

A Whole-Body Approach

When your body is working at optimal levels, it is able to ward off disease. Naturopaths work from the perspective that health and disease are more than just germs and infection. Mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental factors each play a role.

Additionally, Naturopaths take all factors into consideration when developing treatments. Where a conventional health care professional seeks to suppress symptoms, a Naturopath looks for alternative approaches. Our goal is to restore health, not merely banish illness. Do no harm. This tenet is part of the Hippocratic Oath taken by all physicians.

Gentle Therapy

Naturopathy focuses on gentle, non-invasive therapies that enhance the healing process. This principle underlies our reluctance to turn to drugs for a cure.
Naturopaths avoid methods that relieve symptoms without addressing their cause. This leads Naturopaths to identify and treat the underlying causes to your
health issues.

Treating the Cause

Symptoms indicate that your body is out of balance. The cause is often more difficult to identify. It could be anything from a vitamin or mineral deficiency to an emotional problem. By identifying and addressing or removing the cause, the symptoms are relieved rather than suppressed.

Preventative Care

Naturopaths place great emphasis on preventive care, assessing your risk factors, and making suggestions that support good health. We see ourselves as teachers who help patients take responsibility for their own health. This involves suggesting nutritional, emotional, dietary, and other lifestyle changes.
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